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Insurance Sales

Varied communication with a consistent message

The increase in media, channels and products is accompanied by lower sales costs, less complexity and less waste coverage. In the age of digital transformation, the world of insurance sales is full of contradictions. Developing expertise in digital sales and thus winning over a new generation of confident customers is crucial for the future of insurance companies. It is important to identify the issues that are relevant to your customers and to use appropriate technologies to address the issues.

Every channel reaches the same goal

Choose a modern, multi-channel sales system that supports uninterrupted sales and advisory processes. It should encompass customer acquisition (including campaign and lead management), advice and sales (including needs assessment, creating quotations and generating applications) and it should issue policies automatically. You can benefit from a high degree of automation that even includes the process of case-closing at the point of sale.

  • Benefits for your customers: They can access your products and services via any channel, whether digital or analogue.
  • Benefits for your sales partners: Modern systems ensure the reliability of key figures and reduce the time spent on administration.
  • Benefits for you: You can use these new digital opportunities to optimise your existing sales channels and new ones.

Focusing on customers

The most detailed view of your customers you have ever had:

  • Value-based evaluation and segmentation of your customers
  • Customer marketing
  • Lead generation
  • Customer acquisition and retention
  • Customer interaction
  • Developing and marketing products
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Sales management

Your sales process has never been so organised:

  • Sales planning
  • Compensation management
  • Contract management
  • Sales controlling
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Sales support

Structuring your processes has never been so easy:

  • Agent acquisition and retention
  • Agent service
  • Application processing
  • Partnerships
  • Training and development
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