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80% see insurance companies only at the very beginning of AI deployment

The adesso AI report as an introduction to the debate

AI as a factor for success: Use your data

80 per cent of those surveyed believe that the use of AI at insurance companies is only just in its infancy. An even larger number (93 per cent) indicated that insurance companies are fairly well to poorly positioned compared to other industries. Even though insurance companies already meet the key requirement for use of artificial intelligence, that is, they have sufficient amounts of data available to them, work still remains in order for them to catch up. Use your data!

More than half of the managers surveyed from the industry view AI as the main challenge over the next three years. It is considered even more important than cost pressures and price competition. However, the decision-makers are also keeping an eye on the competition when it comes to their use of AI: 90 per cent say that timely investments in AI deliver real benefits to insurance companies.

However, how do customers feel about AI and AI applications? We asked decision-makers and customers from the insurance industry for their opinion. Over 50 per cent of customers believe that they will benefit from AI in future. But where and how should insurance companies get started? Our AI report provides you with initial insights.

AI applications can be implemented in many different areas and processes at insurance companies. The possibilities available are just as numerous. Two points that our survey focused on were chatbot technology and cloud technology. You can find further results from our survey in our report.

What we can offer you

We have over 20 years of experience as an IT service provider. Find out in a joint workshop what AI approaches you could benefit from. adesso is there to support you from the initial concept to the successful implementation of a suitable AI solution or prototype solution. We have the right tools and process models to help you reach your goals and meet your requirements.

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