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Development of the bingo internet presence

Swisslos Interkantonale Landeslotterie is a national lottery that was founded in 1937. It is also a cooperative and its members, who are also owners and clients, are Switzerland’s German-speaking cantons and the Canton of Ticino.


In early 2010, the responsible parties at Swisslos decided to extend their range of gambling products by developing an online bingo platform. In May 2010, they assigned the project to the lottery experts at adesso. The project involved the development of a back-end system with a transaction kernel, which acted as a central processing unit, as well as a back-office application and the integration of the bingo product into the existing website. The bingo product went live as planned on 27 April 2011.

In spring 2016, about five years later, adesso completely overhauled this platform. The specialist professionals replaced the existing front-end, which had been built using Adobe Flash, with a fully responsive HTML5 solution. They also completely renewed the underlying communication infrastructure.

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Bingo has become one of the main online gambling products that Swisslos offers. The new bingo web pages, which went live in February 2017, mean that players can now play the game on mobile devices. As a result, Swisslos is reaching new target audiences and is deepening its relationships with existing customers.

Our online products are now making an important contribution to the success of our lottery. Our bingo pages, which have been completely redesigned, show how much potential can be tapped with an attractively packaged and well-thought-out gambling product.
Daniel Luder, Head of Development at Swisslos
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