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Methodological Competence

Methods and tools for the implementation of IT projects in public administration

The most significant challenges facing public authorities in the next five years will be the continued development of e-government, digitisation-related measures, demographic HR policies and pressure to make budgetary savings. Procedure models and tools, however, must not focus on IT or on the expertise of consultancy companies. Instead, they should focus on the crucial success factor, which is the human, and they should offer tangible, manageable solutions.

Portfolio, programmes, projects

The size and complexity of many modern IT projects for public authorities is far beyond the scope of traditional IT projects. The S-O-S Method defines projects with a total effort of 50–500 person-years as being ‘large projects’ and it calls projects exceeding this level ‘mega-projects’ or ‘programmes’.

Topics that affect numerous nations, federal states or departments are very significant sources of complexity for these projects. Such topics considerably increase the demands placed on communications management.

adesso’s own process model, PITPM (Pragmatic IT Project Management), provides you with the ideal foundation for building your company’s own project methodology. PITPM takes the client’s specific requirements and processes into consideration and focuses on the issues that are crucial to the project’s success. It does so without asking too much of your employees. Pragmatic processes, the subdivision into phases and disciplines, and the availability of well-integrated templates serve to increase productivity and improve the outcomes. The standardisation of the methodology and the resulting increase in transparency makes it quicker for your employees to get started on the project and take on the relevant roles within it.

Pragmatic requirements engineering for public authorities

With the complexity of large IT projects, the diversity of their framework conditions also increases. In public administration, it is necessary to overcome further hurdles for a successful project - before the eyes of politics, law and the public.

These hurdles range from the formally necessary invitation to tender to a multitude of predefined standards and bottlenecks in the availability of skilled workers.

Requirements management is also affected. However, targeted requirements engineering can provide a remedy. Pragmatically tailored to the needs of the public sector, it contributes to the success of your project. The high system quality and user acceptance are in the foreground. The systematic approach also reduces the risks of changes and errors, which can lead to high costs.

With aREp adesso has created a format that is tailored to the needs of public administration within the scope of requirements engineering in software development projects. Our Requirements Engineers pragmatically include your IT and business side and take care of their relief.

They keep track of your requirements for your project - from the demand to the tender or from the software development to the productive operation.

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