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Requirements engineering with aREp

Systematically create the solution you need based on your requirements

Requirements engineering is becoming more and more important in public-sector projects. When used correctly, this systematic approach delivers guaranteed results.


Public-sector customers often face a unique set of challenges when carrying out IT projects. Firstly, they want to define the complex technical features while also meeting the demands of modern IT systems. Secondly, they need to observe the formal parameters, but also require maximum flexibility. Thirdly, they would like to conform with the V-model ‘XT’, but also take an agile approach wherever possible.

To ensure you never lose sight of your many different requirements, we offer aREp as a concept tailored to the needs of the public sector. You can use aREp in a simple and targeted manner, from the start of the project to its successful implementation.

What is aREp?

Drawing on extensive experience gained in numerous public-sector projects, adesso has developed a proprietary consulting format called adesso Requirements Engineering in public, or aREp for short. When it comes to requirements management in your projects, aREp is systematic, scalable and ready-to-use.

Systematic approach thanks to professional methods based on IREB®

Requirements engineering is a key pillar for ensuring quality in the software development process. Here, adesso uses the IREB® standard (International Requirements Engineering Board), on which aREp is also based. This approach makes it possible to systematically collect, document, review, coordinate and manage requirements.

Our IREB®-certified consultants would be happy to provide on-site support to help reduce the workload of your IT department.

Scalable to the approach thanks to process expertise

The V-model ‘XT’ often plays a prominent role in IT system development in the public sector. From the formal requirement for its use to targeted project tailoring as stipulated under the V-model ‘XT’, the process model is used in many different types of projects.

Independent of tailoring, aREp can be scaled to the V-model ‘XT’: The process can be combined with agile practices and takes into account the extent to which components from the V-model ‘XT’ will be used.

Ready-to-use thanks to professional consulting and range of methods available

While all projects are different, they also share many things in common. In our consulting business, we have developed a number of reusable procedures, methods, document templates and process descriptions.

They represent the catalogue of aREp methods, which contains the building blocks for the rapid launch and successful implementation of a project.


aREp in public-sector IT projects: systematic, scalable and ready-to-use

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