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Solutions for digital management

Digitalisation and disruptive technologies have now also reached public administration. They are leading to a fundamental change to and expansion of the possibilities in administrative work. Plus, they create new ways for public institutions to communicate and work together, both with each other and with citizens. New opportunities are pitted against big challenges.

Implementing the laws concerning e-government

The German law concerning e-government (EGovG) enables and obliges the federal government, states and municipalities to offer electronic administration services that are simpler, more user-friendly and more efficient. This is accompanied by digitalisation and far-reaching measures to promote digital administration.

The key elements of the federal government’s e-governance law and the corresponding federal state laws are as follows:

  • The documentation and analysis of the affected business processes within the public authority
  • The use of electronic file management to provide the best possible support for optimised processes

You can benefit from our sector-specific expertise – we offer you our services as you journey towards digital administration.

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One of the most important consequences of the reform to procurement law is that it is compulsory to use electronic communication tools at all levels of government. With the Federal Procurement Office’s (Bundesbeschaffungsamt) electronic tendering platform, this requirement has already been met. The platform handles tender processes digitally – from the call for tender to awarding the contract – across Germany and Europe.

For many years, adesso has been supporting the Federal Procurement Office in the development and operation of the federal government’s e-tendering platform, which is used for the majority of the tender processes carried out in Germany. Established processes and applications must be standardised in relation to e-procurement. Thanks to our numerous years of experience in implementing the e-tendering platform, we are well-placed to identify these processes and to work together to consolidate new applications for e-procurement.

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