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Evaluating an architecture

Trianel GmbH was founded in 1999 with the aim of pooling the interests of public utility companies and municipal energy suppliers. The 56 partners of Trianel together supply over six million people across Europe.


Trianel was faced with the challenge of evaluating the system architecture of a software package for virtual power plants. The focus was on scalability and the compatibility of the software with Trianel’s existing interfaces and processes. adesso ran two Interaction Room workshops to determine the requirements the software needs to fulfil and to arrive at a common understanding regarding the scope of the software. SONAR and interviews were used to evaluate the architecture and quality of the software.

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adesso provided Trianel with a detailed list of the areas in which the architecture already meets the company’s requirements and the areas in which further development was required. We evaluated an architecture and calculated the costs that would be required to implement future business models.

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