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08.11.2022 By Louisa Burakowski

Anyone can work with data, right?

Picture Louisa Burakowski

Dealing with data is becoming an indispensable core skill and one that is always needed when companies want to make decisions and answer new questions regarding organisation, processes, strategy, products and services. The organisation, processes and responsibilities across all organisational levels must revolve around data. In my blog post, I will present the topics that a company should focus on in this regard.

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29.08.2022 By Roland Scheuch

The Health Data Use Act

Picture Roland Scheuch

This blog post explains why the use of data in the health sector makes sense and which concepts and framework conditions need to be created for this.

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Digital Experience

21.06.2022 By René El Fatuaki

Unified commerce – the future of commerce

Picture René El Fatuaki

Unified commerce combines e-commerce, order management, customer relationship management, point of sale and much more on one platform. Due to the broad scope of the topic, my blog post will primarily focus on the central role played by the customer data platform and explain how order management can be optimised through unified commerce.

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There is still very little data sharing going on in today’s insurance industry. Obstacles to this include strict and often unclear regulations, reluctance to share data or the difficulty involved in calculating the value of data in advance. Gaia-X offers insurance providers enormous potential. I will explain what that potential is in my blog post.

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In recent months, there have been many innovations in the market for self-service BI tools. In this way, innovative software products are making it possible to expand the user base of analytics applications. Our customers have also become aware of this development, which has led to us being commissioned to carry out a corresponding tool comparison. In our blog post, we would like to briefly describe the procedure used for this tool evaluation and then present the data preparation tools from the shortlist (Alteryx, Trifacta and Microsoft Power BI Dataflows) in more detail.

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