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20.06.2022 By Andreas Honert, Stefan Hilmer and Florian Petermann

Approaches for avoiding agile regression


Since agile regression develops gradually, the indicators are very difficult to recognise in everyday life or can only be recognised at a late stage. To counteract this, we’ll describe direct, point-by-point approaches for mitigating agile regression here in our latest blog post.

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You would think that by now companies would’ve become familiar with social media and use it as a matter of course. However, there are some things that are still being done wrong or neglected, even by long-established players. In my blog post, I’d like to point out the most common mistakes that I encounter time and again when analysing companies’ social media.

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Scrum and other agile frameworks have been gaining a lot of traction lately, especially in IT projects. These project frameworks are mainly characterised by greater flexibility, faster responsiveness and a stronger focus on end users. Today, Scrum is often combined with other proven methods, techniques and frameworks – such as Kanban, Design Thinking and BusDevOps. What all these approaches have in common is that the chosen path is reflected on in an iterative process and that adaptation to the desired state often requires creativity on the part of those involved. This blog post explores the question of how successful ideas can be generated while also adhering to the objective of maximising the product.

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In my blog post, I’d like to introduce you to an incredibly versatile method for recording, analysing and documenting processes. The brown paper method is shaped by interactive collaboration, especially on site. I would like to share my experiences with you to demonstrate how the method can be adapted during a pandemic and still be applied on site.

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