IT Consulting

From Process to Architecture

With our IT consulting services, we fill the gap between business processes and IT solutions.

By using a multi-step model, covering from process modelling to requirements engineering to the development of software architecture, we make sure that, in the end, what has been developed optimally meets the requirements. In this context, we also advise companies on which platform to choose. For this purpose, we use a signature methodology to associate all decision-making criteria with each other and thus make an understandable and transparent process possible.

Drawing on our own experience, we advise companies on how to create their software development processes; for this purpose, we use marketable models to find the ideal line between methodical quality and pragmatic business requirements.

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Test Management

Testing is a key pillar of our quality assurance measures. With adesso TestForce, we rely on a specialised team of testers and test managers who check the software developed by adesso according to defined procedures. These special teams enable us to constantly improve testing methods and significantly enhance the quality of our software.

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