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Architecture reviews

Thorough and objective evaluations

Many companies lack a concise overview of the desired status of their existing software architecture. We assist them in evaluating their software architecture so that it meets today’s requirements regarding performance and expandability.


adesso is a reliable partner which assists you in evaluating your software architecture, thoroughly and objectively. By comparing the current and desired state of your software, we are able to detect deficits in your architecture, determine ways to modernise it and counteract architecture erosion. This is how we calculate the value of your current software architecture, independent of development and maintenance activities. This means your current systems can meet today’s requirements and go on to develop further in the future.

Our experts do not just use the original architecture blueprint during an evaluation of your architecture. They also conceptualise the architecture as a continuously developing artefact. We incorporate diverse factors into the up-to-date definition of the desired architecture, be they technical in nature or a related to developments in business requirements.

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Good architecture with bad underlying code does not contribute to efficient and secure development.

Using suitable tools to analyse the software simplifies our understanding of the architecture which is currently in place and helps to illuminate structural weaknesses. Provided that this is not already covered by other quality measures, adesso also allows the code quality to be incorporated into the evaluation.

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