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Employer attractiveness is playing an increasingly important role in the battle for the best talents. Apathetically listing your company’s benefits is no longer a sufficient means of making yourself stand out. The goal is to reach out to new talents before they begin searching for a specific job. This blog post will explain how social media can help with recruiting.

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20.07.2022 By Daniela König

The social media dilemma

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In order to focus on the needs of customers and remain competitive over the long term, insurance brokers should look into the use of different communication channels, including validation. In my blog post, I’ll be explaining why this is necessary and how we can support them here.

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Digital Experience

Social listening can be used to analyse and monitor social media channels, blogs or websites with regards to brands, competitors or products, to name but one example. It enables you to monitor conversations, gain new insights and leverage this information to define possible strategies or approaches. In my blog post, I’ll explain why social listening is important and what added value the Talkwalker tool has to offer in this respect.

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Inside adesso

You would think that by now companies would’ve become familiar with social media and use it as a matter of course. However, there are some things that are still being done wrong or neglected, even by long-established players. In my blog post, I’d like to point out the most common mistakes that I encounter time and again when analysing companies’ social media.

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